Little Deeds. Huge Impact.

Jordan West writes a book on a literacy princess party at the White House

Jordan West wants every girl—regardless of circumstance—to feel smart, beautiful and special. Wearing a tiara, Jordan read the book she wrote, at 6-years-old, to a room of over 100 girls wearing tiaras just like hers.

Last month, Jordan West partnered with the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans (Initiative) to host an AfAmEdLit(eracy) Princess Party for girls who are affected by homelessness, in foster care or in the child welfare system. Jordan’s book, “Princess for a Day,” follows the journey of a young Black girl whose experience receiving the royal treatment at a friend’s birthday party sparked a desire to ensure all girls had the opportunity to feel like princesses, especially those least likely to enjoy such experiences. The book was inspired by Jordan’s personal story… Read more here!